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about us

I was expecting my third child when my parents picked up an adorable baby hat, with a massive pom, in Italy. When the hat started to fray, I looked for a replacement and couldn't find one—I reached out to everyone, including the shop in Italy, and that is when I found out the pom was real fur.

After finding that out, I decided to create a better version—a hat that endured wear and tear, could be easily washed; a pom that could be removed and also one that didn't harm animals in the making of it.

Despite many trials, and some hard lessons, hoppy baby was born. Not only do we try to make a better product, but we also have a mission that is focused on being compassionate and kind, and one that gives back. We firmly believe in protecting your head—from the elements, and also in keeping your mind happy and healthy throughout your life. 

My older brother has schizophrenia and has spent the better part of his adult life in mental hospitals. I have seen first hand the struggle of loving and living with someone who suffers from a severe mental illness. I also have seen how people treat him, and want to change the narrative. Mental illness and ailments are not something that only happens to a select few—they impact almost every single one of us in some way—whether it be through anxiety, depression, addiction, schizophrenia...the list goes on. We donate a portion of our proceeds to charities that focus on mental health and wellness. 

I have also seen how animals treat my brother. Throughout his illness, he found incredible comfort in my parents' pets—their dogs loved him regardless of his mental state. They were the only living beings that were truly kind, non-judgmental and loving to him at all times. I really believe we can learn a lot about how to treat one another by looking at them. That is why a portion of our proceeds goes to the Humane Society. 

We strive to provide a luxurious, high-quality product at a reasonable price, and we especially strive to treat our customers with kindness and understanding.  We believe in being and raising the next generation to be caring, to be empathetic. We stand behind our product, we stand behind our mission.

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