about us

We wanted to create a traditional-style hatone that endured wear + tear and seasons, but added a more non-traditional pom to make it funone that could be removed and also one that didn't harm animals in the making of it.

Despite many trials, and some hard lessons, hoppy baby was born. Not only do we try to make a better product, we try to be a business better. We strive to be compassionate and kind, and we give back. We firmly believe in protecting your head—from the elements and more, so we give a portion of our proceeds to charities focused on mental health and wellness. And, we love animals and think they help make our world brighter and happier, so we found a luxurious faux pom and we make a donation to the Humane Society every year. 

We provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price, and we believe in being and raising kinder, more caring humans. 

Our mission in a nutshell: being kind makes others (and yourself) happier. be kind. be hoppy.

12th prototype